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Finland flagThis is a site where I’ll be writing on my experiences as a Finn living in the city. You’ll get to see all of the things that I get up and the new experiences that I try out.

There are constantly new things to try out and I’m amazed at how many more things people do when living in the city. I love the country as well you could say that I have acquired a taste for both kinds of living.

Something great about city life is the things you can do at night. You have a lot more choice and things going on and these are not just for special occasions. There is always something that is going on.

It’s not just for clubbers there are galleries for example that open at night and that you can take your time exploring. Not to mention a lot of cafes and restaurants if you go to a more populous area.

You’ll find there is plenty for kids to do too. If you want to spend time alone with your partner you can send your kids to dance school by clicking here and keep them occupied and having fun.

Or if you’d prefer a day out for the family there are lots of fairgrounds all over town. Perhaps this is geared slightly more towards the kids but you can be an adult and still enjoy funfairs.

Family funfair

It will be enough for them until you plan that all important trip to Disneyland. Just don’t tell them you’re planning to go one day otherwise they’ll never stop asking you about it!

If shopping is your thing there are shopping centres that open all the way until 9 or 10 or even later. Some of them such as Westfield are truly ginormous and you will have trouble seeing when the shopping trip will never end. So make sure you’re in a shopping mood should you choose to go to one of these.

The good thing about the city is that no longer how long you’ve been living here there is always something new to do. Some people that grew up here actually don’t do much but that is maybe because they are used to it and aren’t too excited by the same things a country bumpkin would be about.

When you tell them how excited you are by something they roll their eyes like they’ve seen it all before. Perhaps I will be like this one day as well when I’ve been living here for many years.

Even the things that you think you like about living in the country such as getting fresh fruits and vegetable you can find in the big town. People hold Farmer’s Markets where you can get fresh produce without having to ever leave the city. In short they have tried to make the city more like the countryside!